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Pankaj Kapoor

Pankaj Kapoor

A Post Graduate in Agri. Eco.and MBA from IIM Ahmedabad. He has a rich experience of almost Three decades. Awell knownpersonality in the industry, he has beenManaging Director of Harrisons Malyalam Ltd. (A RPG Company), President in Jubilant group (Acetyls, Ethanols and speciality gases) prior to starting his own company Farmech Foods Ltd. He is the Mentor of Chemsynth group of companies.


Hari Om Sharma

A Post Graduate in Plant Science and Advance Diploma in Business Administration from IMT. Career spread in various corporates like GSK, Jubilant & Unimark. Left a flourishing career as Senior General Manager into entrepreneurship with experience of over Two Decades. Coming from a micro-interior village of UP, wanted to uplift the life style of his native. HariOm is a firm believer that each individual is born with a gifted talent that need to be explored and nurtured.


Rajni Kant Mittal

A Post Graduate in Physical Chemistry, chose to enter into “StartUp” after gaining experience in Laboratory Segment selling. He has wide experience of close to Three Decades. Born in flourishing town of Haryana, he is strong in his analytical skills and believes that every step will give an output, however small it may be. A gifted business acumen, true to his family name. He is an Ex-GSK.


Vikash Sharma

A Post Graduate in Organic Chemistry, took decision to become entrepreneur after gaining experience of more than Two Decades and rising up in the corporate hierarchy upto the ranks of Senior Business Manager. Born in Industrial town of Western UP, he is a strong believer of “owning responsibility will definitely get results”.Apart from Johnson Diversey.he is an Ex-GSK.


Jyoti Prakash

A Science Graduate and Diploma in Computer Programming, with more than Two Decades of experience in difficult markets of UP & Nepal in Scientific Industry, left a lucrative job of financial institute, to join this team to become entrepreneur. An expert in Computer Programming believesthat once you Think Big, you will definitely Hit Big.Apart from ICICI & Merck, he is an Ex-GSK.


Anil Saggar

A Post Graduate in Organic Chemistry, career spread across the length and breadth of the country, has experience of over Three Decades. Coming from Industrial town of Punjab, firm believer that Schematic and Organised approach can change individuals’ Skills into Passion & thus the team shall yield results with a positive attitude.He is an Ex-GSK.